Free Family Law Consultation

The Initial Consultation

If you are ready to commence a free family law consultation about a divorce or other matter, you are likely going through a very stressful and emotional time. However, the handling of your case is very important so you must provide some focus and begin gathering important information about your life.

Having the following documents with you during your free initial consultation will help the attorney better understand your case and offer you more accurate information. This is not an exhaustive list and additional information may be needed, but this constitutes a majority of the information necessary to appropriately discuss your case during the initial consultation with Boca Raton Divorce attorney Matthew D. Martin.

Gather Important Information

  1. Your birth certificate.
  2. Marriage certificates or prior marriage information for either party.
  3. Any information regarding domestic violence or sexual assault.
  4. Timeline of important dates and events.
  5. Copy of any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.
  6. Name of your Employer and Spouses Employer.
  7. Stocks, bonds, and/or investment information.
  8. List of Valuable assets (Jewelry, possessions, etc).
  9. The purchase date and price of any real estate, including the balances of any mortgages.
  10. Educational history of both parties.
  11. Names, ages and social security number of any children.
  12. Employment history.
  13. Value of any pension, 401k, IRA, or other retirement account.
  14. Value of any life insurance plans.
  15. Income tax returns for the prior 3 years.
  16. Documents regarding any prior legal proceeding involving the parties.
  17. Pay stubs or income information for the prior 3 months.

Ask Questions
Do your best to write down any questions that you might have for the child custody attorney. During the free initial consultation with the lawyer, you will have a chance to ask the questions you might have. So that you don’t forget, write down the important questions and bring them with you to the consultation. There are not any bad questions and you should not be afraid to ask them. You are not expected to know the intricacies of divorce law.

Remember, the information you provide the Attorney is confidential and protected by privilege. It is extremely important that you are honest and straight forward about your case. This will yield better representation and a more thorough evaluation of your case.

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