Co-Parenting During Divorce

Co-Parenting During Divorce

Divorce can be hard on children. It can also be hard on the parents because they might be learning a new way to rear their child while not living with the other parent. Co-parenting during divorce can be particularly stressful because not only are the parties dealing with the equitable distribution of their assets, alimony, and other claims on the financial side of their divorce, but they are also learning about time-sharing, parental responsibility and co-parenting.

Understanding Parental Responsibility

Co-Parenting During Divorce

Co-parenting during divorce refers to the manner in which a child’s parents interact and raise their child after the dissolution of marriage has been filed. Florida Courts can order various forms of parental responsibility over a child. Parental responsibility can come in the form of sole parental responsibility, shared parental responsibility or even shared parental responsibility with ultimate decision making authority. Florida Courts use the factors listed in Florida Statute 61.13 when determining what form of parental responsibility is in the best interest of the child. The facts of a specific case will determine the parental responsibility that is the most appropriate, however shared parental responsibility is most common. Situations involving sole parental responsibility are less frequent and must be supported by showing that share parental responsibility would be detrimental to the children.

Co-parenting during divorce does not entitle a party to harass another. Should that type of situation arise, it might be appropriate to seek appropriate protection from the Court. If a party is using the guise of co-parenting to stalk or threaten domestic violence a domestic violence injunction may be appropriate.

Learning to Co-Parent

Many parents find there is a learning curve to co-parenting. The parties working together to co-parent during divorce will result in the least disruption to the children’s lives.

Think of the Future

The divorce or child custody determination process only lasts so long. Almost all cases will end in a divorce or child custody determination, where the parties are left to co-parent without the involvement of the Court. Strong co-parenting during divorce and establishing a strong co-parenting relationship during the divorce will likely result in a more unified parenting front.

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