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Boca Raton Florida Name Change Attorney Matthew D MartinThere are a wide range of reasons a person would want to change their legal name. Whatever the reason you decide to change your legal name, Florida name change attorney Matthew D. Martin can help. We are a full-service law firm and can help you with all aspects of the name change process.

Can I get my name changed in my divorce?

In many situations, restoring a maiden name or changing a child’s name is possible through a divorce. A separate name change action is usually not required.

What information will the court need for a name change?

Florida law requires that certain information be provided to the court if you are petitioning to change your legal name. Some of the required information:

  • Proof of residency
  • If married, name of your spouse and information about any children
  • Previous name changes
  • Occupation and past work history
  • Known or called by another name
  • Previous bankruptcy adjudications
  • Other information not listed

Additional information required

Many Florida courts will require you to submit your fingerprints for a state or national criminal background check. It is important to have your fingerprints taken in accordance with the approved procedure.

Can other members of my family change their names at the same time?

In most cases, Florida law allows a husband, wife, and minor children to join in one petition for a name change. If you are uncertain about the process to change your family’s legal name, call Florida name change attorney Matthew D. Martin (888) 984-6487

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Our firm understands that dealing with legal matters can be intimidating. Let Boca Raton name change attorney Matthew D. Martin handle all the specifics of your legal name change and save you time and stress. Boca Raton name change attorney Matthew D. Martin is a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who would be privileged to help you with your legal name change. Call today for a free consultation at (888) 984-6487