Domestic Violence Injunctions

Finding a sensitive and knowledgeable Boca Raton domestic violence injunction attorney is a critical step in defending yourself and your family from domestic violence. The Law Office of Matthew D. Martin can help you file an appropriate petition for an injunction to protect yourself and your family from wrongful and aggressive behavior.

Types of Domestic Violence InjunctionsBoca Raton Domestic Violence Injunction Attorney

What is a domestic violence injunction?

A domestic violence injunction is a court order that protects you from future domestic violence or spousal abuse. Mr. Martin has experience representing clients with obtaining and enforcing domestic violence injunctions.

Who can get an Injunction?

Any person in your family, spouse or otherwise, that is or has lived in your house and has a reasonable belief that he or she is in immediate danger of being physically harmed by another family member can file a petition for a domestic violence injection.  Domestic violence injunctions are also appropriate for protection against a person that you may have had a child with whether or not you and that person were married or lived together.

How soon can I get an injunction?

A court can issue a temporary injunction without both parties being present if the court feels that you or a family member are in imminent danger of further domestic violence. A full hearing with both parties present usually follows, but an individual can request a temporary injunction as soon as you feel threatened to prevent imminent domestic violence.

What does the injunction actually do?

If the court finds that you or a loved one is in imminent danger of violence, the court may enter a domestic violence injunction in your favor. The domestic violence injunction can contain conditions that the other party must follow such as:

  • Forbidding future contact or violence.
  • Giving exclusive use of the marital residence to a party.
  • Ordering mental health treatment or counseling.
  • Ordering a batterers’ intervention program.
  • Awarding exclusive time-sharing of minor children.
  • Ordering a party to pay child support.
  • Other relief not listed.

How does the court make its decision?

Florida Statutes list factors the court can consider when making its decision whether to enter a domestic violence injunction. The court can also take into account any information it finds relevant to make the decision. Although every situation is unique and unpredictable, Boca Raton divorce attorney Matthew D. Martin has experience presenting evidence at domestic violence hearings.

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Choosing a Boca Raton domestic violence injunction attorney is an important and potentially life changing decision. Mr. Martin has experience in dealing with domestic violence injunctions that can help prevent future acts or threats of violence against you or a loved one. Our firm offers free attorney consultations for domestic violence in Boca Raton. Feel free to contact online or call (888) 984-6487