Lighthouse Point Family Law Attorney

Family law matters can be stressful and emotionally draining. Finding the right Lighthouse Point family law attorney for your case is important to ease the burden during this difficult time. Law Office of Matthew D. Martin works hard to support its clients during the transitional times of their lives.

Our firm works together with our clients and helps them though the decision making process. We know that the decision to leave a spouse comes with stress and uncertainty. Our firm and Lighthouse Point family law attorney are here to help guide you.

Lawyer Accessibility

Lighthouse Point family law attorney Matthew D. Martin prides himself on his customer service. Our firm is accessible and responds quickly to client inquiries, no matter how minor. We are here to support our clients and not make them worry whether their interests are being protected.

Divorce is a life-altering event that can have lasting effects on your family’s emotional and financial well-being. You need to be making good decisions based on sound legal advice.

Wide Range of Services

Divorce and child custody matters can range from uncontested (where both parties agree) to fully contested litigation regarding matters surrounding domestic violence, distribution of assets, or spousal support. Our firm is equipped to handle all aspects of your family law case.

We truly care about our clients and desire to being a successful resolution to every case we handle. We strive to resolve cases amicably but, should negotiations fail, we are experienced litigating difficult matrimonial and family law cases.

Contact Our Firm

Our free consultations are done in office and by appointment only. During the consultation, you will have the chance to ask the attorney about the specifics of your case. You will also learn more about our firm and the experience of Lighthouse Point family law attorney Matthew D. Martin. We offer evening and weekend hours by appointment only. Contact us now using our online form or call: (888) 984-6487.