Alternative Dispute Resolution Can Help

Oftentimes, domestic issues can be contentious and difficult to resolve without litigation. While Boca Raton divorce lawyer Matthew D. Martin provides aggressive representation, he also assist clients with uncontested or collaborative resolutions to divorces, child support, time-sharing and other domestic issues. Alternative dispute resolution allows the parties to have more control over the results of their case and serves as effective tool to solve many issues found in family and matrimonial law.

Mr. Martin encourages the use of mediation and alternative dispute resolution in family law cases. While some cases cannot be resolved without litigation to some degree, negotiating some or all aspects of a family law case can be beneficial for all parties. Reducing the threat of protracted litigation can assist parties with achieving an agreement that is mutually beneficial and best suited to the party’s particular circumstances. We work closely with our clients to help them understand their legal rights and determine whether unnecessary litigation can be avoided through negotiation or other collaborative law methods.

Matthew D. Martin stands by his commitment to helping our family and matrimonial law clients in Palm Beach County and the rest of  Florida with the utmost respect and professionalism. If you find yourself involved in a child support or custody issue or if you are considering a divorce, our firm is here to help you. Contact us or call 888-984-6487 for a free consultation to help determine whether alternative dispute resolution is right for your particular circumstances.