Dade County Child Support Lawyer

The Law Office of Matthew D. Martin represents clients in Dade County Florida with child support, child custody, parenting plans, and timesharing cases. We have experience handling these matters and offer compassionate advice to our clientele. We are proud to offer free consultations regarding family law matters are look forward to meeting you to discuss your case. Be sure to see informational page about how to prepare for your consultation so you know what appropriate paperwork to provide to the attorney for review and so you are prepared with all of the questions you would like answered.

Dade County Child Support Attorney Matthew D. Martin offers free consultations regarding your child custody, relocation, or domestic violence matter. We are available during the evening or weekends by appointment to better serve our clients. You can reach Dade County divorce attorney online via our website contact form or you can call our toll free number at (888) 984-6487. If you have been served divorce or child support  papers and need to speak with a family law attorney who serves Dade county, contact the Law Office of Matthew D. Martin as soon as possible.

Dade County Links

The links below are provided as a convenience to important Dade County governmental agencies that may be a part of your divorce or family law matter.

Dade County Schools
Dade County Libraries
Dade County Clerk of Court
Dade County Sheriff
Dade County Property Appraiser
Dade County Government

The Dade County family law practice of the Law Office of Matthew D. Martin Dade County Child Support Lawyer is located in Palm Beach County, which is close to Dade County. Take I95 south to Glades Road East.  Our Office is located on the left near Town Center mall.

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