Enforcement of Marital Settlement Agreements

Boca Raton Florida Enforcement of Marital Settlement Agreement

Marital settlement agreements are used to resolve the issues facing a divorce. Unfortunately, former spouses do not always follow the agreement like they should. The emotions you experience during the enforcement of marital settlement agreement can be similar to the emotions felt during the original dissolution of marriage. Having to revisit these emotions because your former spouse does not want to follow your agreement can be draining. The enforcement of marital settlement agreements can be overwhelming without the support of a meticulous and sensitive Boca Raton divorce attorney on your side. Don’t be frustrated by your former spouse. Call Matthew D. Martin at (888) 984-6487 today to find out how our firm can assist you with getting what you deserve.

What is a Marital Settlement Agreement?

A marital settlement agreement is a contract between two spouses that accounts for the property, debts, and responsibilities of each spouse after the divorce is finalized. Topics typically addressed in a marital settlement agreement include alimony, spousal support, time-sharing, and property division. Child support, parenting-plans and a number of other issues regarding property or children may be addressed in a marital settlement agreement or dissolution of marriage consent agreement depending on the specific facts facing your divorce.

My Former Spouse Does Not Follow the Agreement – What Now?

If your spouse is not following the terms of a marital settlement agreement, our firm is available to assist you with the enforcement of marital settlement agreement or final judgment. Boca Raton Divorce Attorney has experience litigating the enforcement of marital settlement agreements and will investigate and advocate with your best interests coming first. Don’t let your former spouse take advantage of you by violating a marital settlement agreement. If appropriate, our firm can seek enforcement of marital settlement agreement through many of the court’s powers, including its power of contempt, sanctions or other penalties available under the law.

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Boca Raton attorney Matthew D. Martin represents clients with the enforcement of marital settlement agreements. Even though you may not have used our firm for the original divorce, we work closely with our clients to learn about your case and enforce the terms of the marital settlement agreement or Final Judgment. Our firm firmly believes in building a strong relationship with clients, treating clients with respect, and always striving for honesty and integrity through diligent and competent representation. If your spouse has not been following the terms of your marital settlement agreement or final judgment and are seeking legal assistance, call (888) 984-6487 for a free consultation.