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Before a marriage even takes place, it is possible to determine what will happen to each spouse’s property if the parties ever file for divorce. Many couples contemplating marriage create prenuptial agreements with each other before the marriage occurs to protect individual assets and to avoid future litigation should dissolution of marriage be filed. If you are interested in learning more about drafting or reviewing a prenuptial agreement,  call Boca Raton prenuptial agreement attorney Matthew D. Martin today at (888) 984-6487

What is a prenuptial agreement?

Boca Raton Premarital and Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

In Florida, the prenuptial and premarital agreements are used almost interchangeably. Florida Statute §61.079 defines a premarital agreement as an agreement between future spouses made when the parties are contemplating marriage. Many times, the premarital agreement does not take effect until the parties contemplating marriage are actually married.

What types of things are usually included in a premarital agreement?

Florida Statute §61.079 lists some matters that are appropriate to be to be considered when forming a prenuptial agreement:

  • Disposition of the  property that each person in the marriage owns prior to the marriage in the event of dissolution of marriage.
  • In certain situations, elimination of spousal support or alimony.
  • Ownership of life insurance policies.
  • Other property rights and responsibilities not listed.

Call Boca Raton prenuptial agreement attorney Matthew D. Martin today at (888) 984-6487 for a free consultation to discuss the drafting and creation of a premarital agreement to safeguard your assets in the event of a dissolution of marriage.

How do I form a premarital agreement?

The proper execution of a prenuptial agreement is important for adequate protection in the event of a divorce. Although contract formalities may seem simple, it is always a smart decision to hire a competent and knowledgeable attorney to assist you with the drafting and formation of a premarital agreement. Boca Raton family law attorney Matthew D. Martin can help you with the formation of a premarital agreement. To make sure your premarital agreement is drafted specifically to meet your expectations in the event that a future dissolution of marriage occurs, contact Boca Raton prenuptial agreement attorney Matthew D. Martin at (888) 984-6487