Boca Raton Alimony Attorney

Alimony (also known as spousal support) and issues surrounding your children are often decisive factors in a divorce from a spouse. Finding a Boca Raton alimony attorney who understands the Florida alimony statutes is critical to protecting your family’s best interests both during and after a dissolution of marriage. Our firm understands the importance of spousal support and the ability to start a new life after the divorce is finalized.

How Long Were you Married?Boca Raton Alimony Attorney Marriage Length Matters

The duration of time the parties were married is an important factor when deciding what form of alimony is appropriate. Florida Statute §61.08(4) creates rebuttable presumptions regarding the length of the marriage. Short-term marriages are presumed to have a duration of less than seven (7) years, a moderate or intermediate term marriage (formally known as a “gray area” marriage) lasts between seven (7) and seventeen (17) years, and a long-term marriage is one that lasts seventeen (17) years or longer.

Calculating the Length of Marriage

The Court calculates the length of marriage from date the parties are married to the date of the filing of the petition for dissolution. Florida Statute §61.08(4).  Most often, the type of alimony depends on the length of the marriage, whether it is short, intermediate, or long term. Because the length of the marriage is important, people who are contemplating divorce should be conscious of the length of their marriage.

Types of Alimony in Florida

Florida Statute §61.08(1) provides that alimony can be paid over time or in a lump sum. There are several types of spousal support that the Court can order.  Boca Raton alimony attorney Matthew D. Martin has experience with dissolution of marriage and Florida alimony cases. Some of the other types of spousal support are as follows:

  • Bridge-the-gap: Alimony designed to assist with legitimate short-term needs (Florida Statute §61.08(5))
  • Rehabilitative: Alimony to assist with establishing the capacity for self support (Florida Statute §61.08(6))
  • Durational: Alimony to provide economic assistance for a set period of time (Florida Statute §61.08(7))
  • Permanent: Alimony to provide for the needs and necessities of life after the divorce (Florida Statute §61.08(8)).
  • Other – There are other types of spousal support available.

Protect Your Rights

Alimony is a complicated topic in Florida divorces, including dissolutions of marriage involving timesharing, child support, and other family law issues. Boca Raton alimony lawyer Matthew D. Martin has access to sophisticated computer software to analyze the financial assets and liabilities of the parties and the impact of spousal maintenance payments after the marriage is dissolved should the situation require it. Boca Raton alimony lawyer Matthew D. Martin can use these computer models when presenting the case to the Court to determine whether an award of alimony is appropriate. In the alternative, an accountant or other expert can be utilized both in and outside of the courtroom for alimony matters.

Free Consultations

When serving as a Boca Raton alimony attorney, Matthew D. Martin works closely with his clients to determine the relevant facts of your divorce and alimony case. If warranted, we will consult with forensic accountants to help us analyze the financial circumstances of the parties. If you are considering filing for a divorce, contact the Law Office of Matthew D. Martin now for a free family law consultation in Boca Raton to discuss your options under the Florida alimony statutes.