Loxahatchee Divorce Attorney

Our Loxahatchee divorce attorney can assist you with divorce and the many issues involved with divorce such as equitable distribution, child custody, alimony, and support. Through the difficult times of family transitions, the Law Office of Matthew D. Martin provides quality professional and compassionate legal advise to address the needs of those looking for a Loxahatchee divorce attorney.

Accessible Legal Talent

Loxahatchee divorce attorney Matthew D. Martin strives to be a zealous advocate for the firm’s clients in court and a caring guide to people looking for a successful resolution to their legal matters. Even in the best instances, divorce in Loxahatchee is likely to be a very painful and difficult time of your life. The results will affect your family for many years to come. Your choice in selecting a Loxahatchee divorce attorney is important because the legal advice and decisions you make can last a lifetime.

Full Service Family Law Firm

  • Child Custody – Parenting plans and timesharing issues
  • Divorce – Dissolution of marriage, equitable distribution, adultery issues
  • Alimony – Does your case involved temporary, permanent, or other type of alimony?
  • Domestic Violence – Obtaining or defending domestic violence injunctions

Hire a Loxahatchee Divorce Attorney

Resolving domestic matters outside of a trial is always recommended. However, if an impasse is reached and the parties cannot reach an agreement on all aspects of your case, the Loxahatchee divorce attorney offers aggressive representation at trial. Your decision which Loxahatchee divorce attorney you select can have a profound effect on the outcome of your case and, perhaps, the rest of your life. We strive to reduce fees and costs for our client and try to reduce costs for all of our clients.

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