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What is Time-Sharing?

Time-sharing schedules are formally known as visitation plans. They are the specific arrangements that specify the time that your children will spend with each parent. For example, the children will be with one parent alternating weekends and the other the remainder of the time and on certain holidays. You may find that consulting a Boca Raton child custody lawyer can help protect your best interests in resolving your time-sharing problems.

Time-Sharing vs. Visitation

On October 1, 2008, the Florida legislature abolished using the terms “visitation” in favor of “time-sharing” in the Florida Statutes. The legislature also abolished the terms “Primary Residential Parent” and “Secondary Residential Parent” because it downplayed the importance each parent takes in a child’s life.

Quality Time-Sharing in Boca RatonThe new terms used throughout Florida Statute Chapter 61 for both the “father” and the “mother” has been replaced by the word “parent”. This change was implemented by the Florida Legislature to level the playing field between the parents when it comes to making decisions for their children. The court does not want one parent to feel inferior to the other in situations where one person has more time-sharing or custody than the other.

Who Decides Time-Sharing

Many times, time-sharing schedules are a creature of an agreement between the parents. In most cases, Boca Raton child custody lawyer Matthew D. Martin encourages and works with his clients toward obtaining such an agreement with the other party. His belief is that cooperative parents generally lessen the oftentimes-tough impact that the transition to time-sharing has on kids.

Some difficult cases do not result in a time-sharing agreement between the parties. Boca Raton child custody lawyer Matthew D. Martin understands that such situations arise and is ready to fight for your rights. The Court will analyze many factors when deciding the right time-sharing schedule that is in the best interest of the children. We work closely with our clients to determine the necessary facts and evidence to present to the Court so the judge can make the right decision setting the time-sharing schedule.

Protect Your Rights to Time-Sharing

Boca Raton child custody lawyer Matthew D. Martin offers free consultations to those who are contemplating divorce or separation from the other parent. Time-sharing issues can be complex and confusing. Our Boca Raton child custody lawyer will answer all of your time-sharing questions so that you can make the best decisions possible. We will also take this time to explain our firm values and philosophies so that you can decide whether Boca Raton child custody lawyer Matthew D. Martin is the right lawyer for you. Contact us online or Call: (888) 984-6487