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At our West Palm Beach divorce law firm, we take pride in the quality of representation we afford to our clients currently facing family law problems. If you are looking for a West Palm Beach divorce attorney, call now for a free consultation so you can ask a lawyer about your case. Whether you have a hotly contentious divorce or whether you need our assistance settling a minor child timesharing matter, our firm can assist you with most aspects of your divorce or family law case.

West Palm Beach Terrace Divorce AttorneyOur office is located off Glades Road and I95 in Boca Raton, Florida and represents men and women from many diverse backgrounds. We handle cases across the states including cases in Palm Beach County, Delray Beach, and West Palm Beach. Even though our firm handles cases primarily in the South Florida area, our licensure permits us to handle cases throughout the state of Florida should the need arise.

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Our West Palm Beach child relocation lawyer has experience handling many assets of family law cases including domestic violence, paternity, divorce, and child relocation matters. Do not be afraid to call for a free consultation with our West Palm Beach divorce attorney so you can ask a lawyer about the specifics of your case. We are here to guide you through your difficult time and help protect your relationship with your children and financial best interests. We want our clients to know the impact or ramifications their decisions will have on their case.

Having an attorney you can relate to may help ease the tension you may experience when discussing your divorce, child custody, or modification case. We offer free consultations regarding family law matters so that our clients can become comfortable with the attorney to help ease the impact that dealing with family law matters can cause.

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Finding the right West Palm Beach divorce attorney to assist you with your family law case is very important. Our firm offers free family law consultations in at our office in Boca Raton where our potential client can meet with the attorney and ask any questions they might have about their case. You need an attorney who is ready to listen to your needs and can offer their insight into the best handling of your case.

Our firm encourages parties to resolve their differences and settle cases if possible. In the event that a case cannot be resolved through alternative dispute resolution, we offer very aggressive litigation skills and trial representation. Our firm counsels our clients about litigating a case and the potential risks and rewards that a trial can offer.

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Our West Palm Beach Child Custody attorney has experience with handling difficult child timesharing and post final judgment child support matters. We have handled cases from Pensacola to Miami and use our experience to tailor the handling of the case to each individual client. West Palm Beach custody attorney Matthew D. Martin has is understanding of other cultures and works with clients from around the world even though our divorce law firm is located in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida.

We handle small cases such as uncontested minimal-asset paternity matters as well as large contested divorces with significant assets and issues. If you are contemplating separating from a loved one or planning on filing for divorce, contact the West Palm Beach family law firm of Matthew D. Martin. We listen to our clients and are here to help.