Boca Raton Child Support Lawyer

In Florida, parents have a fundamental obligation to support their minor children. A separation or divorce can leave both parties in a difficult financial situation with questions as to who will provide what financial support for the kids.

Establishment of Child SupportBoca Raton Child Support Lawyer

Our firm has experience with the establishment and enforcement of child support orders  Florida law contains guidelines to determine the correct amount of child support. We work hard to discover the income of each parent and take the time to calculate the right amount due. We understand the importance of receiving the correct child support amount and work with each client to meet their specific goals.

Calculation of Child Support

Calculating the correct amount of child support can be complex and confusing. Child support is calculated using information from each party such as the income of each parent, the amount of time sharing with the children, healthcare expenses, childcare expenses, and other factors contained in Florida statutes.

Gross-Up Child Support Calculation

When either parent spends a substantial amount of time with the children, they may receive a reduction in their obligation because of the support they provide the children during the time they spend with them. Therefore, it is important to determine the correct amount of overnight time-sharing each parent has with the children to calculate the correct child support amount.

Enforcement of Child Support Order

If either party violated a child support order, Boca Raton child support lawyer Matthew D. Martin has experience with the enforcement of child support orders. Depending on the case, our firm can petition the court for a variety of remedies for the delinquent child support. The Court has a wide range of powers it can utilize to enforce the order, either through, contempt, sanctions, or other penalties as prescribed by Florida child support law.

Special Circumstances

The court can deviate from the child support guidelines promulgated by the Florida legislature in certain circumstances. For example, the court may deviate from the guidelines if you have a child with special medical needs that generated increased financial expenditures. Boca Raton child support lawyer Matthew D. Martin works with his clients closely to determine whether a circumstance exists to seek a deviation from the child support guidelines.

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