How Can I Save Money During a Divorce?

Unfortunately, a divorce can have a significant impact on your financial situation. Not only is it very important to hire a lawyer to make sure your divorce, child custody, or family relocation goes smoothly, you have to consider how child support, alimony, or equitable distribution will affect you long term. Here are three simple things you can do to ease the financial burden of getting a divorce.

Work Towards an Uncontested Divorce

Working with your spouse and agreeing to the terms of the divorce oftentimes works best for both parties. While neither party may be trilled with the ultimate outcome of the timesharing of the children or the financial issues, agreeing allows the parties to be control rather than having the court making the decisions.

Agreeing with the other party also helps reduce the costs associated with litigating a divorce or child custody matter. Oftentimes parties are angry and want to seek revenge for the relationship failing. However, aggressively litigating a case might not be economical. The Law office of Matthew D. Martin can assist you with your uncontested divorce, sometimes for a very reasonable flat fee. We are able to assist you with drafting the appropriate documents that you can file with the clerk and get your case resolved without much lawyer intervention or costs. This can help you save money during a divorce.

However, sometimes parties are unable to agree to the resolution of their dissolution of marriage and you need an aggressive lawyer to assist with your case. Our firm has experience handling divorce and child custody matters and can fight for your best interest should an agreement not be reached.

Create a New Personal Budget

During the pendency of a divorce or child custody matter the parties might not have access to the financial resources they are accustomed to during the marriage. Creating a new budget for your change in life circumstances is an excellent way to avoid problems. Be sure to create your budget to accommodate your new lifestyle and stick with it.

Pick the Right Attorney

Hiring an affordable attorney is important. However, hiring an attorney who can also aggressively advocate your position is a major concern if the parties are unable to agree. Therefore, finding the right attorney is important. Meet with any potential family law lawyers and determine the financial arrangement you will have with them. Depending on your particular case, a flat fee or limited representation might be warranted.

Following these tips can help you reduce the financial impact of your family law matter. Our firm offers free family law consultations and are available to discuss the specifics of your case. Call (888) 984-6487 to schedule an appointment today.