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Co-Parenting After Divorce | Boca Raton Family Law Attorney

Co-Parenting After Divorce During a divorce parties are often times unable to focus on forming a strong co-parenting relationship with the other parent. The parties may be distracted by financial issues such as equitable distribution and claims for alimony or … Continue reading

Co-Parenting During Divorce

Co-Parenting During Divorce Divorce can be hard on children. It can also be hard on the parents because they might be learning a new way to rear their child while not living with the other parent. Co-parenting during divorce can be … Continue reading

How Long Will My Family Law Case Take?

Many prospective clients come to our firm wondering “How long will my family law case take?” Unfortunately, the truth is that every case is different and it is hard to gauge how quickly a case will progress. Oftentimes parties might … Continue reading

Helping Decipher Child Support

Our Firm is here to assist parents with understanding what to expect during a child support dispute. We help our clients with child support and timesharing and strive to reach a result that is fair to both you and your … Continue reading

Boca Raton Lawyer Helping Protect Parental Rights

Developing a meaningful relationship with your children is a basic tenant of life. Facing a divorce or child custody fight can be emotionally draining because you may worry that you will not have adequate time with your child. Proving paternity … Continue reading