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Co-Parenting During Divorce

Co-Parenting During Divorce Divorce can be hard on children. It can also be hard on the parents because they might be learning a new way to rear their child while not living with the other parent. Co-parenting during divorce can be … Continue reading

How Can I Save Money During a Divorce?

Unfortunately, a divorce can have a significant impact on your financial situation. Not only is it very important to hire a lawyer to make sure your divorce, child custody, or family relocation goes smoothly, you have to consider how child … Continue reading

Will I get Alimony? – Understanding Spousal Maintenance in Florida Divorce

Will I get alimony is a question Family law practitioners get asked very frequently. Florida family law court is not required to order alimony in every dissolution of marriage case. Alimony law is a complex area of divorce litigation and … Continue reading

Can I Relocate with my Minor Child? – Florida Statute, §61.13001

There are many good reasons people move – a new job, a fresh start – but many people forget to consider their children and their best interest when planning to move. Florida Statute §61.13001 sets out the procedure that parents … Continue reading

Helping Decipher Child Support

Our Firm is here to assist parents with understanding what to expect during a child support dispute. We help our clients with child support and timesharing and strive to reach a result that is fair to both you and your … Continue reading