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Florida Statute 61.13(4) – Can I Deny Time-Sharing for Non-Payment of Child Support?

Many clients contact our firm complaining that the other parent is failing to pay their court ordered child support. They often ask, “Can I deny time-sharing for non-payment of child support? The paying parent might have been ordered to pay … Continue reading

Can I Relocate with my Minor Child? – Florida Statute, §61.13001

There are many good reasons people move – a new job, a fresh start – but many people forget to consider their children and their best interest when planning to move. Florida Statute §61.13001 sets out the procedure that parents … Continue reading

Helping Decipher Child Support

Our Firm is here to assist parents with understanding what to expect during a child support dispute. We help our clients with child support and timesharing and strive to reach a result that is fair to both you and your … Continue reading

Boca Raton Lawyer Helping Protect Parental Rights

Developing a meaningful relationship with your children is a basic tenant of life. Facing a divorce or child custody fight can be emotionally draining because you may worry that you will not have adequate time with your child. Proving paternity … Continue reading

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney

Giving consideration to when you need a Tampa family law attorney is important when considering a divorce. Call the Law Offices of Matthew D. Martin for a free Family Law consultation about your specific case. (888) 984-6487 Continue reading